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UX design

By creating flow charts, wireframes and prototypes I define the user flow through your digital product and the overall functionality, features, and information. This is the skeleton of your product, the structure. It serves as a living document throughout the entire process.

UI design

Defining the creative direction for your product - form, colours, and general feel based on key pieces. Whilst consistently applying that approved direction across the entire project. Next to designing layouts, I also describe what happens between interface states and how specific UI elements react to user interaction.

Branding & Identity

Your branding is the first impression you'll make on new customers, and the familiar face your users will come back to. I create a visual identity that helps your brand to be recognized. The look and feel of your product is important, so let's take the time to make sure it's done right.

Graphic design & Advertising

From graphic design work, print ads and (concept) presentations to online advertisements such as banners, takeovers and social posts. With my years of experience I'm able to deliver you the right quality of work and make your deadline.


I get a kick out of helping businesses and entrepeneurs to realize and accomplish their goals. How? By solving complex design problems. When you're in need of some no-nonsense advice on the usability of your product or experience problems with a certain task-flow, give me a call.


While I do know my fair share of HTML, CSS and Javascript (and its possibilities), I can't build or code products myself. That's why I have a strong network of developers and creatives who can get the job done, beautifully.

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